Farmaceutici Srl was founded in 1997 thanks to the passion and dedication of its owner, Mr. Elvio Bonabello.

His experience in the pharmaceutical field began in the 70s as a sales agent; his deep industry knowledge and his natural predisposition for sale soon attracted the attention of the most important multinational drug Companies, for which he soon became Sales Manager.

However, tired of the constant twisting of Companies' policies, he decided to create his own business, with the promise of a policy of continuity based on three mandatory ethical foundations: indisputable product quality, grounded science and deep respect towards consumers, thanks to the active involvement of Pharmacy also.

Over the years, he has always honored these commitments, gaining the respect of the whole pharmaceutical sector and the trust of customers with high quality products such as Isomar, Enteroflora, Megavir, Fleboderm, Eubell, Eta-G, Zanzarella, Ice-Hot, Flebocellase and many others.

With FARMACEUTICI Srl, Elvio Bonabello, renews his entrepreneurial challenge, creating new brands of products resulting from the most advanced research in the pharmaceutical industry, including: BLUMAR, the first natural bio-hygienizer for nasal and auricular hygiene, BLUPIC insects repellent and BLUPIC after bite, ARTAX restitutive cream and OMNIAX anti-radicals cream.